About us

At St. Jude we recognize that before meaningful learning can occur, a child must experience comfort, joy and trust in the school environment. It is our goal to provide such an environment for each and every student.

We will always strive to communicate clearly, effectively and openly with our stakeholders. We have an active, positive tri-partnership between home, school and Holy Spirit Parish to foster success for our students.

St. Jude and the community have made a concerted effort this year to become a "Wellness School". One of the initiatives is to have staff focus on "Zones of Regulation" as a means to fostering in each child the abilities to control emotional stressors and work with others in a compassionate way.

In cooperation with the CanLearn Society we have the opportunity to work with talented resource people to dialogue and set strategies to help students in our community who suffer from anxiety, negative self talk, motivation and self esteem issues. All programming is to develop independent, positive minded and community conscious individuals that support others in our community.

Last but not least, we are supporting the district's initiative in having every student connected with a champion=mentor, an adult that our students will feel confident in approaching for advice, guidance. Such an adult could be anyone from the staff members of our school, including support staff and caretakers.